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Celebrating Traditional Mexican Cuisine

Our executive chef, Gabriel Romero, brings the flavors of Mexico, to our Philly neighborhood.

“The flavors are a direct homage to the authentic flavors of Mexico City.” – Craig LaBan

Mexico City cuisine is a blend of that city’s Aztec origins, Spanish history, and cosmopolitan present. Chef Romero takes the basic elements of its cuisine – corn, beans, and chilies – to make both traditional and modern flavors. For example, guacamole is an Aztec all-star, while slow-cooked (pork) carnitas and chicken tinga draw on the import of pigs and chickens by the Spaniards, and modern Mexico City’s bold flavors. 

Stop by for all-day dining Tuesday through Saturday plus enjoy the option of our regular menu or our brunch menu until 3 pm each day.

Bring a bottle of your favorite spirit and enjoy one of our many mixers, we’re a BYOB!