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Meet the Artist: Miguel Horn

2014-05-03_18-00-24_162 (800x752)

The photographs that you see on the walls around Café Ynez are all streetscapes from Mexico City. Three of these works are from local, Philadelphia artist Miguel Horn. Not only is Miguel locally-based, he is also a member of our NextFab neighbor.

Miquel is an internationally-known artist whose sculptures and works can be found in the US and Mexico. While living in Mexico City from 2006 – 2011, he spent much of his time in the neighborhoods of Doctores and, particularly, Colonia Roma Sur. Miguel would ride his bicycle, stopping to “photograph places (he) thought captured the unique textures of the city and its different neighborhoods.” The results are simple, yet stunning, moments of this complex, colorful, and convivial city that “embody Mexico in different ways”.


For the Café, we chose three, dynamic photos. One depicts a large ofrenda, or public shrine for flowers and small gifts, to la Santa Muerte (the angel of death) and Jesus Malverde, two of Mexico’s so-called “narco-saints”.

A second has an ofrenda to the Virgen de Guadalupe, the most popular, revered, pure, and saintly of all religious figures in Mexico City; here she is juxtaposed with one of Mexico City’s ubiquitous VW Bugs.


DSC_0207 (800x531)

DSC_0110 (800x531)






The final photo is one of Miguel’s favorites, taken outside of his flat. It features the delicate, green fronds of a tree over a ‘70s muscle car.
Miguel is frequently at NextFab, working on new art pieces. He is a frequent visitor to Café Ynez and is particularly fond of our pozole!
View more of Miguel’s artworks here. You can also buy copies of any of his photographs – or just say hola! – at